Naka application

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Naka application

Post by Nakamura Nitake on Mon Aug 15, 2016 5:26 pm


1. I have always wanted more from NTFB, I have done everything that could be done played almost every clan available, been in all sorts of arguments and positions. I bealive I know the game well and that I could be a good staff member, it hasnt always been a wish of mine, but I want this game to be good and I bealive I can help make it that. I wish nothing but the best for BTFB.

2. I have only contributed Ideas, I can contribute my time, i am ussualy very active, Europe, Berlin UTC+1 time most of the staff is from the US I bealive, so having me on when they maybe are not could be good.
Also, I am very good at making screenshots that make the game look interesting and epic.

3. I have been an owenr, Co-Owner, Admin on many Naruto PVP and RP games. Also helped create a source but it failed and the guy that helped me create it has whats left of it.

4. Well I suppose some people could vouch for me, out of the current Admin maybe Arrekasu. Sadly threw out the game in my younger years that is, people like Reyyken gave me a bad reputation and the fact that I hang with Ciftaa a lot.

If you need an Admin, I am available. If not, its fine, I just want the game to be good and active.


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