Ninjutsu Revamp Thoughts.

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Ninjutsu Revamp Thoughts.

Post by Kurei on Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:15 pm

-Issue with Jutsu right now is primarily the Shared Cooldowns. This prevents Nin users from combo'ing to the same degree as Taijutsu users.
-Most Ninjutsu become unusable after Kawarimi, this makes you have to rely on Taijutsu/Weapons unless you have one of the few Ninjutsu that do not get disabled while Kawarimi is active.
-Seal Times/Launch Delays on Jutsu make for a generally clunky feel to Ninjutsu. Most of them do not launch immediately after the Jutsu is clicked, making them a lot more reactionary than Taijutsu (which activate instantly, with limited delays). With the exception of Lee, Akimichi, Rikudo, and Jiongu most clans do not have Tai options available outside of basic attack commands either, thus giving them much more limited responses or ways to set up a clunkier nin hit.
-Chakra costs are far out of whack compared to the stamina costs of Taijutsu. The lowest cost Jutsu I've seen that deals actual damage is 3k Chakra, or about 10% of your capped Chakra Pool.

-Give Jutsu individual cooldowns, allowing them to be used fluidly as long as you are not trying to spam the same move. There are other conditions and barriers to using certain jutsu, so it won't necessarily turn into a "who has the most moves" situation.
-Fix this bug with Kawarimi disabling Jutsu usage. Should have the added effect of quelling some of the "seemingly unnecessary" running that Nin users do.
-Remove Seal Times from being a factor of Jutsu usage, have all Jutsu come out instantly when clicked to promote faster paced fighting. I feel like most Tai users can still time their dodges well, though they'd certainly feel more pressure than before where dodging a pure Nin user is oftentimes far easier than dodging another Tai user.
-Evaluate Chakra Costs and try to retool most of the low damage/no additional effect ones to where they consume less than 3% of your chakra per use. Certain high damage Ninjutsu probably deserve their chakra costs, particularly the ones that deal about 3~4x Nin.

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