Sasume Uchiha GM Application

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Sasume Uchiha GM Application

Post by Sasume on Wed Aug 17, 2016 11:27 pm

In Game Name:

Suited Jake

Reason To be Staff:
I'm personable, non-biased, good with solving problems, creative (in terms of events), and always willing to help the game strive towards a better future.

I'll contribute a honest and positive attitude as well as possibly advertise us on Youtube (going to be a Youtuber for League of Legends stuff mainly but a few side things certainly can be thrown in) Other then that simply giving my all to this game and helping to ensure that it outlives both its predecessors.

Past Experiences:
I've been an Admin on NTFB, Dragon Universe, and DBZ Mystic World.

CSB, Joel, Nakamura, Riku


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