Sasume Uchiha MA Application

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Sasume Uchiha MA Application

Post by Sasume on Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:21 pm

Name: Sasume Uchiha

Key: Suited Jake

Reason for Wanting to Ascend: With my low college hours this semester, only part-time job, and weekends 85% free this go-round I feel like we need someone on-hand, readily available and waiting, to handle things that a normal Admin can't. In a few days when I was online we were continuously swamped with requests for Kages, Leaders, Events (and one day we did have the amount to do so with no alts.) I think that in order to have others follow your light in the darkness one must be holding the lantern. As it is right now I can see the light given off by the flame yet cannot grasp the lantern handle, no matter how many shadow clones I have at my disposal Wink Would it be a lie to say I'm not doing this for the power? Absolutely. I request this position so that I can become the SOURCE of the light that guides the others on the game, and being enveloped in light means that one naturally will gain power. This DOES NOT MEAN I do it for self-centered reasons, I've been around a VERY long time and seen a lot of this style of game through the eyes of a player as well as an admin and no matter what the position my goal has always been the same; Keep the game alive and moving towards a bright and happy future, making sure that the people who play the game ENJOY it, & maintaining order through unbiased, unencumbered means of thinking coupled with rational action if need be.

Hours of Availability: I understand this is not the proper format as of here onward yet this isn't a position one typically applies for, so I'm willing to carve out a path of my own on this one.

Mon: All day, Cutoff is 10pm central.
Tues: Same as Above
Wed: 3pm onwards until 10pm
Thu: All day except for 1pm - 3pm
Fri: All day except for 1pm - 1:50pm
Saturday: All Day/Evening (Work Pending, at worst an hour or two out of my day)
Sunday: All Day/Evening (Work Pending, same as above)

Final Comments: I know right now some things seem bleak, and that our playerbase isn't quite as big as we want it to be...yet one thing we do have is this, HOPE. If anything, we, as Naruto fans, have learned that by now I'm certain. Never Give Up! This game will come roaring to life just you watch...that much I am certain of. As to how I'll help with doing so, I've advertised this game and Byond as well to ALL of my Universities Anime, Gaming, & Recreation Clubs. That's more then 30,000 people. My brother Anthony is planning on advertising it at HIS college as well. As a MA I feel that I can do so much more for the sake of the game, the future of the game, and the happiness of those who play the game then I can at my current state of being. As always I thank you for your time to read this, and have a good & pleasant day Very Happy


Sasume Uchiha


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