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Dayvon's Application

Post by Dayvon64 on Sat Sep 03, 2016 6:03 pm

In Game Name:


Reason To be Staff:
I have played Naruto the Final Battle since I was twelve years old tomorrow, September 4th, I will be turning 19 years old and will be in my second week of my second year in college. I have always wanted to help administrate a game, but more specifically Naruto the Final Battle because it wasn't like a lot of other games were it was clearly a rip that was going to change one or two things with an Owner who has no idea what they were doing. Like it's player the game was mature and a bit too mature for my age back then. Now I am older, wiser, and understanding than I was before. As I have played I have helped few players level up and have fought with them, I have made friends and rekindle old friendships and showed that I can be a leader. I wish to be of further help as an admin when it comes to bugs, glitches, and player help that are beyond that of a normal player. I have also thought of being able to icon for the game so that the current owner will not have the burden of worrying of icons and can deal with more pressing matters both on and off the game. Along with the other admins instead of saying we can not help, we can instead write a list of issues or problems that players mention here and there and then discuss with the owner when he is available. As mentioned I do attend College, but I am free all day everyday after 3 pm and can easily be reached on my Skype.

So far I have never been able to contribute to the game other than just being a normal player. If given the chance I would like to icon for the game and help the current administrators guide the players both new and old to an era of Baruto: The Final Battle. Recently I have donated icons I have made to the game that I made for another Naruto game, though was unable to give them to said game. I shall show them later down this post, but I would like to add that they are without the base icon of the game. Due to my activeness in the game I will be able to help the majority of those who are in need of help if it is within my powers.

Past Experiences:
Here are a couple of icons I have created and donated to the game so far:
Obito's Outfit:
Obito's Second Outfit:
Rin's Outfit:
Naruto's Torn Outfit:

At the moment I do not have any references, I have created these icons before I came back to Baruto: The Final Battle. I showed my icons to a few in-game and they thought they were nice. I shared my ideas with some and they liked them, but I can not say for a fact who would vouch for me. If however this is a crucial part in the selection then I apologize, but thank you for your consideration.

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