IDEAS part 1

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IDEAS part 1

Post by Zezu on Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:03 pm

1- Have all hide out ORGs, ROOT,SSM,EXPLOSION CORPS(5 members),RED SAND(3 members),THUNDER CLOUD(4 members),AKAT, added and give them HP to that players can raid the base. (kages can get money for repairs)
2- ADD Villages perks gives them something to stay for (ill add more on this on another post)
3- Elemental effects, Katon=Burn damage (all can work like poison), Fuuton= Bleeding,raiton (stuns are in already), LAVA/BOIL/Scorch= burning(when fusions are added)
4- ADD random npc events like certain npcs raiding a random vill and players must go stop him he drops a few prizes .
5- Make it easier for long range users to npc train (npcs dodge almost everything from a long ranger)
6-gotta fix tourney and add back tourney rules
7-uzumaki in leaf/grass, bubble non clan mist , crystal grass/sound, yuki moved to snow(ramen spawn is blocked) ,Dust and kamizuri (bee clan).
8-Add new point system you get from PVP,PVE like kill points which you can trade in for extra SP, chakra orbs,hp orbs or armor that has a durability hp .. (ex- senju armor adds 20k extra hp to your stats)
9- Give certain items stats for battle^


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