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Villages Perks

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Village Perks


Basically a set of cool passives for each village, which are helpful to it's members and it's members only.

Leaving the village would de-flag you for the perks, meaning anything village-specific remains village specific.

Some of them may seem non-revertable once someone leaves, which is fine. Perfect Control under the leaf category is an example of this -- but should physically be the only one, as Akatsuki members lose their rings when they leave.

A lot of these passives might sound tuned to specific styles -- and that is pretty much the point, to give players a reason to stay in the villages that they personally want to be in, rather than V-Hopping. Leaf focuses on Bloodlines and Ninjutsu, Sand focuses a lot on Stamina and Chakra conservation while having special jutsu related stuff, and Cloud focuses primarily on Tai/Speed -- these are the kinds of things meant to draw people to a style-reflecting village.


Leaf Perks


Will of Fire -- Hidden Leaf ninjas learn much from the previous Generation, thus they gain 20% more EXP from all forms of training (If the current rate of the logs is 250, they get 300 instead for instance).Katon will also get a secondary burn effect.

Perfect Control -- Hidden Leaf ninjas have perfected their chakra control, starting off with 100% CC and 1500 additional chakra (To offset the loss of chakra from CC

Bloodline Acceptance -- Kekkei Genkais are feared in many, if not all nations, the Hidden Leaf aside. Ninjas with these rare traits feel far more secure within the Leaf, putting their pride on the line in combat -- all clan moves deal an additional 10% damage, but consume 10% more chakra as well.

Firedancers -- Known for their mastery of Fire Style techniques, the Hidden Leaf has drilled the ferocity and destructive powers of fire well into their combat abilities. Katon-aspected Jutsu deal 15% more damage.


Sand Perks


Desert Life -- They say harsh conditions build both body and mind, none know this more than the Hidden Sand. Sand Ninja consume 10% less chakra and 10% less stamina when using Ninjutsu or Taijutsu (Fuuinjutsu, Summonings, Non-Affiliated Jutsu, Genjutsu, and Weapon-Based Jutsu/verbs do not apply).

Demons of the Wind -- Ninjutsu practiced in the Wind Country's Sand Village are exclusively focused on high-level Fuuton techniques, earning them the moniker "Demons of the wind". Fuuton-aspected techniques except for Wind Blade, Fuuton Rasengan and Fuuton Rasen Shuriken deal 15% more damage.fuuton will also gain the secondary bleeding effect( which makes your opp hp drop lil by lil like amat but weaker.)

Grasp the Earth -- Sand Ninja have a strong concept of keeping ground in battles. Moves that inflict knockback deal 50% less damage to the sand Ninja, which is drained from their Chakra instead (I.E. if you're knocked back all 5 tiles by Daitoppa, half the damage is subtracted from Chakra instead of HP).


Cloud Perks


A Village of Swordsmen -- The Hidden Cloud specializes in Swordplay, although they have no dedicated organization like the mist does. All Cloud villagers are extensively tutored in swordplay, Gaining an additional 100% Exp from training on sword logs.

Taijutsu Expetise -- Cloud is a village founded on physical prowess, blood, sweat, tears, and all that manly-like stuff. Taijutsu deals an additional 0.2x Speed in damage. Your Basic, Gouken Ryuu, or Ranken Ryuu styled punches deal an additional 0.3x Speed on top of their original modifier.

World's Fastest -- Ninja of the Hidden Cloud have a penchant for being extremely fast, moving faster than anyone in a fight. All cooldowns for Taijutsu and Ninjutsu based moves are reduced by 3 seconds and the Ninja moves a bit faster than usual (passive negated in favor of other movement boosts to prevent mountain dew-enhanced run speeds). Raiton Affinity Jutsu are much stronger now due to the amazing speed of Cloud Ninja as well, increasing the damage dealt by 15%, but consuming 10% more chakra.


Mist Perks


A Village of Swordsmen -- The Mist village is highly specialized in swordplay, even to the point of having an organization within the village dedicated to it. Mist villagers are extensively tutored in swordplay, Gaining an additional 100% Exp from training on sword logs.

Suiton-Enhanced Combat (Mist) -- Mist Ninja make Suiton jutsu the very essence of their body and soul -- Wherever a Mist Ninja fights, even grass or desert can be treated as a fight in the watery depths! Suiton Jutsu lose all "On the Water" requirements. As a Bonus, Hozuki and Hoshigaki have zero cooldowns on Suiryuudan, Suirou, Suigadan, and Suikoudan as well as a 2 second cooldown for Goushoukizame.

Explosive Moment -- Waiting for the right moment to strike gives the Ninja a significant advantage; a major tenet to the Mist Village's assassination squads. After a Kawarimi, the next damaging attacking of any form deals an extra 50% damage, but consumes 100% more Chakra or Stamina.

(Mist Perks also apply to the SSM)


Stone Perks


Elemental Mastery -- Stone holds a steady tradition of developing new elemental styles, regarded as individual kekkei genkais of sorts and passed from student to master; Lava, Explosion, Dust, and Particle Release all have their origins here. Ninja born and raised in this village have a 25% increased chance of gaining a second element at chuunin, and Non-Clans (As in pure Non-Clans) even have a 10% increased chance of gaining a 3rd element at Jounin.

Impenetrable -- Stone Ninjas are trained constantly in the art of defense, granting them a 20% chance to passively block an opponent's Taijutsu or Doton Element techniques, negating the damage entirely.

History of Combined Elements -- Stone Ninjas use their vast knowledge of combined elements to create more effective ways of using Ninjutsu in combat. Affinity Techniques used by the Stone Ninja deal 15% more damage and consume 10% more chakra; Secondary and Tertiary Elemental Techniques utilized by the Ninja deal 10% more damage and consume 5% more Chakra. Doton styled Jutsu ignore the increased Chakra cost.


Sound Perks


Well-Researched -- Sound Ninja often practice forbidden arts or more medical-oriented techniques, making them well-versed in non-traditional ways of living. Sound Non-Clans (Pure Non-Clans) can implant Rinnegan at level 1k instead of 2k, and have a much higher success chance at implanting Senju or Orochimaru Cells.

Bitter Medicine -- Sound Medical Ninja are no strangers to dangerous medicine; their Chakra no Mesu-infused punches deal an additional 0.3x Tai damage instead of 0.25x Tai, and also poison the victim, preventing any sort of Healing (Including Ramen) until they die or are cured of poisoning.

Organized -- Sound's official documents are in order, the Maze is set up perfectly -- Kabuto, I think we've done this perfectly! Sound Ninja gain a 0.1x Boost to all stats when fighting alongside each other; the most organized win the war!


Rain Perks


Eternal Rainfall -- Water is nothing new to those who live in rain, their entire backyard is lakes formed from all the rain; their leader's office doubles as the local hotspring. Rain villagers take 50% less damage from Suiton techniques, but take 20% more from Raiton techniques.

Unique Weapon Wielders -- Rain Ninja wield a unique weapon known as the Kusarigama -- it's fighting style a favorite of their former lord Hanzo. While wielding a Kusarigama, Rain ninja coat them in a poison which deals 0.02x Chakra in damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds on an opponent hit by the weapon (But not it's Throw Weight verb).

Brilliant Economists -- When Akatsuki held sway over the Rain, Konan formed the ANBUCountants, an organization known for it's stringent management of money. Villagers are payed an additional 1000 ryo for their missions, and all item prices are reduced by 20% if bought from the Rain Weapon Merchant -- keeps the local economy running strong, while putting a stranglehold on the other villages! BRILLIANT!


Waterfall Perks


Legendary Heroes -- Tales dub Waterfall as the 'Village of Heroes', thus the aptly named Hero Water manages to exist. While other Ninja might crumble from drinking it, Waterfall villagers feel no side effects from drinking the Hero Water.

Fluidity and Calmness -- Waterfall Ninja know that when you're presented with a disadvantage, you must keep calm and bend like water. When hit with a non-Genjutsu stun, Waterfall Ninja consume 500 chakra to immediately break the stun -- when hit by a Genjutsu stun they will automatically cast Kai if they have learned it.

Suiton-Enhanced Combat (Waterfall) -- People praise Mist of it's mastery over Suiton, but often overlook the people of Watefall. Suiton Jutsu lose all "On the Water" requirements. Mizu Tatsumaki has it's cooldown halved, and the Water Whip deals an additional 0.3x Nin in damage as an added bonus for Waterfall Ninjas.


Akatsuki Perks


Band of the Rings -- The Akatsuki member gains the following effects based on their ring:

Rei - All Jutsu damage is improved by 15%. Clan-Based Techniques have their cooldowns reduced by 2 seconds.

Shu - Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Throwing Skill are boosted by 0.3x. Genjutsu have effect durations doubled.

Aoi - Techniques and attacks that have a wide hit range deal an additional 10% damage. Effects of such techniques that disable the player's movement momentarily are negated.

Bya - Speed, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu are boosted by 0.3x. Object-based Jutsu such as Kikaichu, Kage Bunshins, and Papers are immortal.

Gai -- Jutsu that deal chakra-based damage instead deal a flat 25000 damage independent of other modifiers. Stamina and Health are increased by 25000 while this ring is owned. The wearer also gains a Kawarimi variant that is similar to Oro-Kawa while possessing the ring.

Ku - Effects placed on the opponent, genjutsu or otherwise, have their duration doubled. The user is immune to stuns, kyuus, and hand binds. Jutsu cost 10% less chakra to perform.

Nan - Elemental Ninjutsu deal 50% more damage, cost 10% more chakra, and have their cooldown reduced by 2 seconds. Sword Skill and Ninjutsu are boosted by 0.3x

Hoku - Taijutsu attacks do 15% less damage to the wearer, and the wearer's Taijutsu attacks deal 20% more damage. Taijutsu and Ninjutsu are boosted by 0.3x

San - The wearer has their health increased by 50000 while worn, but the wearer receives 20% more damage from all forms of attack, include self-inflicted wound from things like Shape or Self-Harm. Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Sword Skill are all boosted by 0.6x.

Gyoku -- Puppetry, Sword Skill, and Throwing Skill are all boosted by 0.3x. Jutsu with special effects have the duration of those effects increased by 2 seconds, and any damage caused by those effects deals an additional 1000 damage per hit as well.


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