jugo and medic idea

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jugo and medic idea

Post by Shadow light on Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:03 pm

ok ik jugo clan cant control there full form but what if they chould by talking to a npc like the
white snake sage kabuto had jugos dna in him and learnd sage mode diff but what if he taght jugo how to control sage transformation?
i like that clan apart from uchiha

the white snake sage cave should be add along with the white snake if a jugo that meets the level reqs when they enter they can talk to the snake and learn how to controll there sage transformation forms without going ai even the full form
theres bad effects if you dont have any sage mode training or if your not a juugo
youll start to loose hp for jugos its the opisit youll start to loose chakra once you run out youll go ai so have alot of chakra the cave has alot of nature energy
medics will go trough the same thing if they have juugo dna which means they need to go to the cave too

since clans are being redon i thougt id share my ideas for my fav clans
juugos have a chance going ai if there low on chakra if that happens then when they use sage transformation jutsu like the arms they will go ai case there sage chakra is being used (somthing to replace the cs chakra stats for juugo clan) once it runs out youll go back to normal so be sure you have chakra to use you dont rest
and the sage chakra will fill up on its own so you dont need rest for that
if you try to use any sage transformation jutsu without chakra it will use sage chakra instead and you will go ai
one you learned how to control your sage transformations you wont use any chakra while having it on or even sage chakra even if your using sage chakra you wont go ai anymore
most sage transformations will req your sage or normal chakra such as chakra boosters shield block (which will use your chakra each time its hit still cant block chidori thoug just normal attacks and jutsu)
but ones like axe piston absorb full sage transformation wont however you exit full form your sage chakra along with your normal will go to 0 so youll want to wait for your sage chakra to return that acts as a back up if you run out of normal chakra

theres two jutsu id like added for this clan
chakra canons:this is only useable in full form and will use up your chakra but the dmg is good
based on your nin

healing chakra flesh:this will heal any you want to all you have to do is stand facing them in front
this will drain your chakra slowly till there fully healed unless you stop
theres also a small chance of giving them sage chakra which gives them a random cs but unlike
the normal cs they dont need to master it they can use it anytime they want again small chance if they dont get it you can try again

thats all hope you guys like this and add it jugos my fav clan and i hope youll add this
any ideas for it let me know

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