How to suggest Ideas.

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How to suggest Ideas.

Post by Evil on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:14 am

Hello guys i'm Evil, to the ones that don't know me i'm currently helping Panda with the new update and i'm also a player.
I'm aways here to help if you have questions about the game, but probably i will only answer you when i have time, i'm a busy guy. Laughing
The tips posted here may not be followed if you choose, but follow-ups will improve the quality of your publication and make reading easier.

Have Time

Q- Wait, what?
A- Having time to suggest something in forums is important because you can be in a hurry and do a tedious post, fill out a post of texts and more texts of something you want to see in the game, can cause a person to lose the will to read your publication, and let's face it, we do not want that to happen...

Do not use slang

Using slang on the internet has become very common, but believe me, It can make reading very difficult, I am Brazilian and i still learning English, people often use slang with me and I spend a lot of time looking for the slang meanings, and I never find, how do I program something that you want if I can't understand you?


There is no point, get on the forum and post a jutsu you want in the game and you only publish the name of the jutsu, we want all possible information of the jutsu or something you want to see inside the game, remember to post original content based on the works of Masashi Kishimoto related to Naruto or Boruto, we do not want anything that is fanfic.

I think these three SIMPLE tips are enough already, remember that the forum has a text editor that can make your writing easier and improve the appearance of your publication.
I apologize if there is an English error, as it was quoted, I am still learning the language.
If you have another tip, feel free to comment, let's help the game community grow, see you later.

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Re: How to suggest Ideas.

Post by Shadow light on Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:48 pm

evilkakarotte if you have time let me know what you think of my idea.
the other day you saied you tell me what you think of my idea im not upset or mad just making sure you dont forget.

Shadow light

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