arek being a ass

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arek being a ass

Post by Shadow light on Sat Aug 13, 2016 11:13 pm if arek doesnt decide to lie and shit we can do this clean with him geting demote instead of ban..and need to choose better gms..i keep saying that i keep telling you that...that gms should be chosen players..players who have done alot helped alot without being rude or anything without breaking the rules i think thats how gms shoudl be picked trusted well behaved players...and if anything finn should be in the line up..sorry i saied that..arek has me an egde cas eof the crap that some ass hole loged on used my name New light and started spaming ooc and using kyo is taking blam for this to..thougt i belive he needs to have his powers suspend for a few days till he learns to look at the keys...he muted me i got a bit mad arek unmuted me but i thougt arek did mute me but he didnt he ban me but he didnt mute me..nore did i use caps when he unmuted more..nore did i spam..he ban me..i got mad he toled me he didnt mute me and i looked at the pi i took and kyo did mute me he unmuted me case kyo absued that without looking at keys..i toled him i was sorry it was a mistake.adn he saied noim not egting unban..thats kinda abuse if i seen any...i didnt spam nor cap when he was talking to me over ooc..i cursed a bit mad at him yes..but i made a mistake...i didnt do it for know i dont get mad for fun..i have an imagen but i cant upload the shit for some ression..the site i nortmal go to says error when its done loading and i dont get he pic i uploaded

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Re: arek being a ass

Post by Not Panda on Sun Aug 14, 2016 1:12 am

Sorry for the confusion but sometimes spamming in OOC isnt the way to fix things, If you are unproperly muted or jailed please take it to the forums before this happens next time.
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