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Updates for BTFB

Post by Not Panda on Sun Aug 14, 2016 2:09 am

Here are the current updates for Boruto The Final Battle.

Current Wipe : 10/6/2017
Next Wipe : N/A

-Added mastering your demon and challenging a kage spot in exchange for village points!
-We fixed the Uchiha Police force having access to invite both Root members and UPF members.
-The Village War System is now fully implemented! They happen every 2 hours. The Wars are every village pitted against each other. 1 kill = 1 point and if you switch villages, you will lose all of your points! You can exchange your points at the War Veteran (NPC) located in every village
-We fixed bugs with Non-clan/Medic and Uchiha where if you implemented the Senju cells as a medic or non-clan, you'd lose the eyes you put in and even lose your Doujutsu.
-The Demon System is now fully implemented! You can be born with a demon but once that demon is taken, no one else can get it until you remake!
-The SSM doesn't need to ask the MAs/Owners for swords. If you're the leader, go inside the base and there's an NPC that gives you them once for free!
-All the Edo Tensei's are fully implemented and working-Fixed lots of dense tiles in the cave system
-The cave system is now complete!
-Some jutsu being the same damage as others have been changed such as Taijutsu styles and the like!
-Added new Cave System that features lots of NPCs and includes mini-bosses and bosses that drop event items!
-Readded Uzumaki, Dark Uchiha, Momochi, Temari, Non-clan, Medic, Toad Sage, and Lees.
-All jutsu either got buffed or nerfed.
-Level cap bumped up from 10k to 25k
-Stat points increased from 3 to 5.
-Added first new cosmetic items: Uzumaki Sage Cloak, Sage Scroll, and Hinata's Shippuden outfit.
-Jutsu learned bumped up and all learned at different levels due to level cap increased.
-All NPCs give EXP now and are more or less the best way to train!
-Squads fully work and offer party EXP.
-2 new cave systems to explore with bosses to fight that drop rewards or Ryo in exchange for killing them!
-Lots of map additions such as Snow Village, Danzo's ROOT Room, Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist room, etc.
-Grass Village is fully implemented with non-clan an Uzumaki's.
-You can now have up to 5 elements! No clan has double of one element unless it's for a Kekkai Genkai!
-At level 5k and Sannin, you can have a chance of getting new elements!
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