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Ideas by Naka

Post by Nakamura Nitake on Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:08 am

Hi guys and gals Smile I expect this game to have the a huge player base because it is purely epic. Iv wanted to submit these for a while and im sure I will leave something out, it is a lot of work BUT i think it would make the game more epic, not trying to make this a RP game, but trying to encourage more epic group pvp battles and squads working together, with the game being more complete and having more things just to top it all off. Apologies for my bad english.

I would like to start with this, because without this some other ideas might not be possible.


1. Kage Mansions & Leader houses & Organisation Hideouts
Its not as simple as it sounds, let me explain. I bealive every village that has a Kage mansion (5 Villages) should have the inside of it created, what this would include, a safe room (Kage office, should have a desk and paperwork) for the Kage of the village, a room for Anbu (No logs or anything) just a small room split into 2 spaces, 1 for sparing (Where new and possible recruits could be tested by their respective Captains, Kages) and 1 for watching, like a small Arena with a door. (2 village Chuunin + 1 village Jounin NPC to be added, they can be made simply with village vests and the joinin having the full joinin uniform they would be mobs to kill for 1-10 Levels or however you see fit.)

Leader Houses: A small house somewhere in the village where the leader/Hero has his own office, with the same principle, small Anbu room, and 3 NPC.

ROOT base This area would be special and also split into 2 areas as soon as you get into the base 10 ROOT (B-ranked) NPC would be there (Something simular to Sai Clothes + Mask, maybe Anbu cloak) and more of them would be down the line as this base helps Idea number 2., this Base would be a bit bigger 1 part of it would be where these ROOT NPC are, the other would be a safe zone door for ROOT members and ROOT leader. (Built like the SO base). (See more info down bellow about it at Idea number 2.)

Why this is a good thing:
1. You can judge a Kage by if he stays in that room when the raid is going on or not.
2. Allows testing of recruits, friendly spars withing village in a special and new area.
3. Makes the game better and more interesting.
4. Allows idea 2.
5. Every Kage wants his own office.
6. More ways of killing NPC
7. Encourages people to join organisations, go for kages spots and so on.


2. Village & Org Missions: I think villages should have missions that would allow you to kill mobs in special areas and special epic circumstances. What I mean by this is simple, EVERY village should have a new missions called
(Mission 1)Kill Gato & Company, the mission itself would force you to go to the land of the waves and maybe add a house with a door or a door in the wall to get to the mission, where Gato and his 2 bodyguards would be (Zōri and Waraji) but before you could get to them you would need to kill a bunch of D and C-ranked mobsters (Maybe new custom made ones or the ones on the map), Gato and his bodyguards would ofcourse have more value but would be harder to kill(Not Gato, he should be an easy kill, maybe evan make a scene where he survives and escapes after he is defeated), this would encourage groups going into these areas and not just individual players.

(Mission 2) Assasiante Danzo
A mission for villages that are not Leaf
You would need to get to the Hidden Leaf village and enter ROOTs base, at the start of it all you would be forced to face 10 B-ranked ROOT NPC (Maybe made with Anbu cloak + mask or an edited Sai Clothes version) once you defeat the ROOT NPC you would be forced to Defeat 2 very skilled NPC, Fū Yamanaka and Torune Aburame before getting to Danzo himself. (This presents a problem as Danzo is in a house in the leaf village, but he needs to be there for Jutsu :/)
Due to how the ROOT base should be built actual players could decide to Defend Danzo and this would cause PVP against groups and such.

(Mission 3)Akatsuki Organisation Mission

Assasinate Asuma Sarutobi and Chiriku + Sand Jounin missions. (Not throwing Jinchuriki NPC in here because I am uncertain of certain things)

This would require a temple of monks to be built or Chiriku to be placed randomly, he should be very strong and hard to kill, so that more than 1 Akatsuki would attempt this mission, he should also offer many levels in return for his defeat, and if the temple itself is built maybe 10 other preists should be there for an easy kill (2 levels each).

Asuma Sarutobi should be placed somewhere inside the Leaf Village and should be made strong and hard to kill, Leafies would maybe jump in to protect this famous NPC, either way it would encourage mob killing, PVP, and squads.

Sand Jounin NPC at Sand Wall
-This idea I will not evan suggest fully as there is no sand wall in the game, but if you have seen the episode where many Joinin and Anbu from the Sand are killed by the Akatsuki this is what I mean. (Sand Anbu area easy to make, throw on the sand uniform or the sand formal wear + mask)

Akatsuki would be rewarded by ryo and levels.

These missions would make the game more fun and would make getting levels and XP more fun, BUT to avoid casual players just killing them in their spots and rooms there should be something placed that would allow only people with the mission to enter the rooms, this would also cause PVP as groups of leafies might run into a group of Misties. So this idea has at least 4 good things.

1. The epic experiance of killing these people and mobs (Especially good for newbies of the game or evan myself and others)
2. Encourages killing mobs for levels and Ryo reward (At end of mission, maybe 1.000Ryo - 3.000Ryo)
3. Encourages working in groups and squads.
4. Allows PVP battles or maybe evan teamwork betwen squads from different villages.

(Mission4) Assasinate the Raikage: You can do the math Smile

Random/incomplete ideas & suggestions:

1. Another body exchange spot (Hiden door) (In the series there were more spots)

2. Kage metting spot, either this is built (Land of Iron & Samurai) or it is custom made, maybe evan make it hard to get to, Force kage into having bodyguards. (If the metting goes wrong or is invaded by Akatasuki bodyguards would come in handy)

I think Kusagakure needs a vest and suit.
Grass Village NPC = maybe character that was killed by Gaara in Chuunin exams
Possible Kannabi Bridge added infront of the entrance to the village or somewhere close. (River needed)

Thanks for your time, this is by far not all, I know what I have suggested is A LOT of work but it would really make the game better and much mor epic, many of the things would encourage Squds, PVP, mob leveling.
Please give me your replies and comments.
Have a nice day folks  Very Happy

Nakamura (Stef 5555)

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Re: Ideas by Naka

Post by Nakamura Nitake on Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:10 am


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