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Phelps Application

Post by Phelps on Mon Aug 15, 2016 6:16 pm

In Game Name:


Reason To be Staff:
I wish to be a member of the team to help prevent the chats from becoming overly toxic at times where either the other admins are asleep (GMT Timezone has its perks occasionally) or are busy doing other things, I also wish to help the game to become more engaging and as a GM I will be in a position where people will listen to me and take me more seriously when hosting events which are mainly for fun yet have a small incentive.

In regards to current contributions to the game I have few other than reporting bugs but as a GM I would continue to report such bugs and aid in fixing them any way that I can, be it through ideas for potential reworks or ways to prevent the public from abusing them. I am also a novice iconner and have (ashamedly) iconned for such NTFB Rips as NDOTS by Louisthe10.

Past Experiences:
I have been a GM in Pokémon Dark Red by Aaronland
I have been an Admin in NTFB and various rips of the game
I have been an Admin in Naruto Sage's Legacy

References are available from the majority of the playerbase from NTFB who have seen me in these positions or even from the owners of the games themselves. As for players of BTFB I would recommend Micdog, Kurei, Zezu and even CSB himself. Kurei can particularly vouch for my time Gm'ing for PDR


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