Kurei's GM Application

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Kurei's GM Application

Post by Kurei on Mon Aug 15, 2016 9:57 pm

In Game Name: Kurei, or some random variant depending.

Key: PhantomKurei

Reason To be Staff:
CSB is trying to work tirelessly on these updates; Iruna and Joel are also working on their own individual parts. Thus, most of them are not around. This leads to a huge gap in enforcement in-game, especially in the later hours when Kyo does not tend to be present.

I plan to report bugs, keep feedback going on current updates, and I intend to make several lengthier suggestions once the storm dies down. I also hope to be enforcing the rules, and keeping the community generally at peace with each other (Aside from obvious healthy trash talk).

Past Experiences:
-I was once admin on an older BSoC Rip, the name of it is escaping me at the moment.
-Used to work closely with the owner of Naruto Hidden Shadows, Kage powers were equivalent to Staff powers at one point in the game's history.
-Was Admin on Pokemon Dark Red, solely for enforcement purposes, got demoted temporarily for getting too excited about updates.


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